Issues Which Affect Quality of Life in Sunderland, UK

Sunderland, UK is a beautiful coastal environment that is surrounding by lush green landscaping. The city has an excellent quality of living. Many residents find the community refreshing and unique. Residents and officials go to great lengths to ensure that community’s quality of life and quality of environment is exceptional. The city is known for its culture and heritage, as well as, sporting attractions. The Sunderland Empire Theatre hosts major West End shows in the community. Popular shows such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Starlight Express and Miss Saigon are often featured on the stage at the Empire because of the £4.5 million transformation. The countryside is accessible for those individuals who seek to gain access to the solitude.

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The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens is a popular museum that many individuals visit to experience over 2,000 tropical flowers and plants. The Sunderland Wall and Silksworth Sports Complex offers skiing, climbing and snowboarding. Windsurfers and kayakers enjoy the coastline and countryside. Residents of Sunderland will enjoy the city, the countryside and the coastline within a close proximity.

Sunderland is rated one of the top 10 neighbourhoods with the highest quality of life in England. Sunderland also supports their elderly population through several charity functions. The Diamond Jubilee provided over 60 years of service to the elderly. Sessions are also held to help elderly patients engage with their peers. Sunderland campaigns about the issues concerning the elderly and quality of life in the community.

Sunderland was recognized as a business mecca. The area hosts several blue chip companies, as well as, IT companies. Citifinancial, Nike and T-mobile are just a few of the companies that contribute to the area’s economic stability. Sunderland was named one of the “seven most IT intelligent communities in the world.” The community has also won awards based upon cultural events, heritage and sporting attractions.

Though the city is focused on smart living, the city is still quite quaint and friendly. They have a vision for achievement, opportunity creation and a balanced way of living. Residents may enjoy surfing and sailing. The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and The National Glass Centre are also available for individuals peruse. Residents also enjoy the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens. The Sunderland Aquatic Centre also features a 50 metre swimming pool.

The Sunderland International Airshow attracts over one million visitors each year. The airshow is free and is one of the largest in the Europe. The International Friendship Festival is also held in Sunderland. Visitors from all over Britain will come to enjoy the festivities of Sunderland. Many of the historical buildings have undergone restoration in the area. Guests are invited to enjoy the architectural integrity of the area.

Over the next couple of years, residents may expect the skyline to transform to a beautiful metropolis that residents and visitors may enjoy. The area is also known for its night life. The new bars and restaurants are contemporary and traditional. Many people enjoy the festive nightlife and underground music scene. Bands and DJs are available at numerous venues, and they attract large crowds to hear the phenomenal music.

In 2018 or 2022, Sunderland was chosen to host the FIFA World Cup Football. The Stadium of Light may be the venue for the event. This stadium also hosts several bands such as the Take That and Oasis concerts. In June, the Stadium of Light hosted Pink’s Funhouse Summer Tour.

Sunderland is also the hometown of the Olympic Bronze medallist Tony Jeffries. He is a professional boxer who won in 2009. Sunderland Tennis Centre serves as a host for the AEGON Pro Series International Tennis Tournament. This particular tournament is held twice per year.

The Bridges Shopping Centre is one of the booming retail centres in the heart of the city. This new investment has restored and maintained economic vitality in Sunderland. There are independent shops, boutiques that carry affordable and designer clothing, as well as jewelry.

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